Eros and Psyche

In a secluded palace lived Eros, the lonely god of Love whose arrows caused anyone they pierced to fall in love.

Youngest of three daughters was the kind and beautiful Psyche, so beautiful that she made Aphrodite jealous. 

Aphrodite instructed Eros to cast a spell on Psyche with a potion that would make men avoid her in marriage. He did so but accidentally pricked her with one of his arrows and then in the impending chaos pricked himself with another. Eros was saddened by the prospect of Psyche’s fate and sprinkled her with a second potion that would give her joy in life.

Psyche’s days were happy yet lonely and her parents feared she would never wed so they asked the Oracle at Delphi for advice. He told them that no man would have her but there was a creature that lived on a mountain that would marry her.

Confused and desperate she climbed to a high precipice. There Zephyrus, the gentle west wind, took pity on her and carried her away to the palace of Eros. Eros never permitted Psyche to see him as he felt she would be frightened by his huge, um, wings. 

It gets a little predictable after this, they’re in love, she goes home to see the family, the jealous sisters tell her Eros is a monster, back at the palace she grabs a dagger and lamp and sneaks into the room at night to see the handsome god with wings,  drips oil on him, he wakes and takes off. She is crushed, throws herself in the river, is rescued by Pan, asks Aphrodite for help, she has to do a list of tasks the final one kills her, Eros turns up, prods her with his "love arrow" and she awakens, Eros convinces Aphrodite and Zeus to make her immortal then they all party.



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