OEdipus, not just the swollen foot...

Laius, king of Thebes, was warned by an oracle that his

newborn son was a threat to his life. He sent the baby off with 

a herdsman to have him snuffed but the fellow decided t’was 

best he just hang him from a tree by his feet. 

Polybus, herdsman from Delphi, found the babe a swaying’ in the 

breeze and brought him home to the missus. They named him Swollen 

Foot, AKA OEdipus, and in this home he grew to manhood.  

Laius being on his way to Delphi met a man on the narrow

chariot path. Road rage ensued and Oedipus killed Laius, whom you may 

now recall, was his Dad.

So, Oedipus moved to Thebes. 

By answering her riddle he rid the city of the Sphinx and in gratitude, 

the people of Thebes made him their new king… and he married the queeeeen.

 Thebes became ravaged by famine and pestilence and the oracle let slip the plot

Queen Jocasta killed herself and OEdipus, went mad, tore out his eyes, and wandered away from

Thebes, till after a tedious period of miserable wandering,

found the termination of his wretched life.