To my Mom on her birthday

My Mom is a beautiful and talented woman and has always been an ideal for me to work towards. My very handsome and wonderful Dad is a lucky man to have such a woman to go through life with, not that it is always easy, her standards for everything are high. She is not "like all the other mothers" and I am who I am because of her example and everything she made possible for me. She is my Mom and my friend, confident and mentor and, you guessed it, I love her so much. 

The bird was sitting on a branch

the tree was wrapt and listening,

the day was cool but brightly lit

the garden fairly glistening.


And then I thought I heard them both

the news was worth repeating,

today your birthday is frontpage!

A cake is planned for eating!


So happy birthday sweet Mama

Some ballyhoo is called for

A lovely woman all agree,

The pretty bird we a-dore.

 KAth Boake Wuthrich / 2017