The "Dark Room" Age

As a teenager I collected a lot of postcards, I still have a pretty good collection. When I began to work in graphics my collection shifted to business cards. A friend of mine still has a huge stack of cards, I have no idea if he looks at them anymore… as a word man the collection isn’t too visually inspired, "Alice" would not approve - no pictures. 


 In the the “Dark-Room Ages”  we  used “PMT’s (Photo Mechanical Transfers) Rubylith, Zipatone and Letraset. Designs had to be clear, interesting, informative and, for an illustrator, they had to be definitive enough to last a printing of 250 or 500. Fingers crossed the printing job would turn out OK. My first card was a total reverse, I was lucky it wasn’t just a black rectangle! 


 As an avid picture person the freedom of computers and home based printers is magic. I create cards specific to any purpose or person or self indulgent designs to share something luscious, fun or useful… currently mine do double duty as a bookmark.  Get one free with every assignment!